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Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Exhibition E26 Hall

Thursday,June 20,2019

The 2019 China Kitchen & Bath China (KBC) will open on May 27th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. At that time, all the big cafes will gather, and this grand event with the reputation of “Kitchen Oscar” will become a perfect place for consumers and industry insiders to understand the new trends in the kitchen and bathroom industry. In the current year of KBC,ORans will take the theme of “N-th power of the home” and bring its new IT912 series of smart toilets to the E1E26.Create six suites, interpret the N feelings of the home.

ORans at Exhibition E26 Hall

There are N different families in how many people there are. These N kinds are different, but they are all the same. They are the places where people want their hearts. Just like the theme brought by ORans current exhibition - "N-th power of home", ORans launched six kinds of suites, such as red leaves, seas, rejuvenation, gracefulness, four seas, and blackberry space. Interpret the N feelings of the family.

Among them, red leaves are like fire suites, and red stands for enthusiasm, unrestrained and progressive. The evolution of the red customs in bathroom innovation represents positive emotions and popular factors, suitable for theme hotels. The red absorbs the most vital elements of the Chaoyang, infects the most mature late autumn image of the maple leaf, and breaks into the most delicate emotions.

ORans at Exhibition E26 Hall

ORans at Exhibition E26 Hall

The sky and the sky, the blue represents the water and the ocean, with a quiet and vast nature, suitable for the resort. Bathroom space is inseparable from water resources, we embrace the blue ocean and cherish the beauty of life. The ocean has blue, and life is more endless.

Retirement suites, for the sake of care, everywhere are the details of the home of the elderly need exclusive bathroom suites, each taking into account the special needs of safety and convenience, where the design varies from person to person.What is the ultimate luxury enjoyment that can be achieved in a bathroom? Every need of yours can be met here, want to sweat, relax, surf and bathe, and steam and steam, all here to meet you, just for your needs.

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