dmi Orans Sanitary Ware
Thermal tech for running water
New heating technology to protect your health.
The water is warmed from the heater to provide multiple temperature options with constant temperature.
It eliminates the heating of the water tank that causes bacteria and protect your health, expecially your private parts.
  • Insulation
  • Sterling silver contacts
  • Nano-scale heating material
  • High-purity heat-conducting silicon tube with a silica content of 99.99%
Thermal tech for running water
Air kinetic energy Tech
Conventional showering may cause pain or pressure to our private parts due to unstable or strong water pressure. The “micro air compression swirl” fuses air to the water in a ratio of 1:3. The air drives the water droplets to rotate, improving the cleaning ability and giving a gental touch at the same time.
1:3 Air injection Spinning water showering Pulse massage mode
Air kinetic energy Tech
SMS simulation MSG system
Water pressure pulse massage
Electronic numerical control, water pressure pulse and ergonomics technologies are integrated across the field to realize water pressure pulse massage that gives you the most enjoyable bathing experience. User can choose from a variety of strength and methods.
Ergonomic design
The bathtub structure is designed based on human body characteristics and is ergonomically designed to provide excellent comfort whether you are sitting or lying down. The water-saving management and the optimized waterway design help can save the water use up to 20%.
  • Falls out of the water
    Ultra wide water channel design, if the children of judah falls straight down, all show costly bearing.
  • Dynamic heating cycle
    Precise heating point, Medical probe measurement, more accuratly-constant temperature.
  • Mute the pump
    A professional pump,Noise level less than 68 db,Continuous 1000 hours of operation (about 41 days) without failure.
  • Temperature control
    Water pump power mutly guided,Slip sliding away,continuously heating by the instantaneous heating device,to ensure a constant temperature.
  • Muti-safety protection
    The use of safe water and electricity separate design,Up to 20 security monitoring and dynamic security intelligence monitoring data, to ensure the security.
  • Automatic water inlet setting
    Based on your preferences,Set amount of water,Water level reaches the pre-stop automaticly,without having to wait idly.
Eur microcrystalline Tech
The introduction of Dutch DSM technology will give you a soft touch with excellet glossiness, and it has no radiation, no water absorption and no colour leakage.
  • Technology
  • craftsmanship
  • texture
  • practicality
  • environmental protection
Orans introduces comprehensivly the Holland DSM company technology to manufacture microcrystalline stone basin.
Multi-layer solid wood
The internal structure of the multi-layer solid wood core board is stable in the wet environment and maintains good stability, which avoids the wood deformation and lifting conditions.
  • Select high-quality logs for splitting and processing.
  • The criss-cross structure solves the drawbacks of easy deformation of solid wood.
  • The board can remain constant for many years after gravity pressing.
  • The multi-layered lacquer finish makes the board wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and long-lasting.