Feeling the love
Brand Concept
Orans is one of the world leading independent manufacturers of bathroom products, with 20 years experience in designing and developing healthy & affordable bathroom products. Orans is a renowned sanitary ware brand, who has been specialized in shower cabins, bathroom cabinet, massage bathtub, ceramics, smart toilet, faucet, and bathroom accessories. Orans has grown into one of the leading solution provider for one-stop bathroom supply. The company advocates the love of science and technology and "Healthy Sanitary Housekeeper" as the brand mission. It is committed to design people-oriented and exquisite bathroom products to make smart bathroom becomes a part of an enjoyable lifestly.
Founded in
Focus on original design
Make household items an indispensable part of your life. Orans pursues the uniqueness and practicality of each product, and integrates the user preferences and favourite elements into the product to make it as a life companion, realizing the harmonious interaction of products, space and human emotions.
Science and technology lead to the future
From the early pursuit of product styles, novel colors, to bathroom intelligent integrated system solutions; from imitation and improvement to cooperation with international scientific research institutions; from simple electronic control to multi-disciplinary cooperation, Orans and Germany, Italy and other research and development institutions set up a strong technology research and development center and invented more than 100 invention patents under the leadership of Lin Huayou, who pioneered the smart bathroom industry.
Treat everything seriously
Orans' team is always passionate for work. They work patiently, meticulously and seriously. They often go deep into production and sales, analyze and investigate the preferences of the users, and discuss with product engineers about how to innovate and optimize product details. They work countless days and nights to express their passion for products and services!
To build your ideal home
Make products with the spirit of artisan and provide exquisite service to customers. Since 2015, Orans has been cooperating with Nilo Gioacchini, the famous Italian designer, to design a series of sanitary ware. From material selection, appearance, processing to structural design, we have designed various products that break the homogenization of the market with an international perspective combing with the local demand, adding visual and functional experience to users. We are committed to design the state-of-the-art products with international standard and provide exceptional using experience to customers.